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Bodrum Shore Excursions

Historical Treasures of Bodrum

6 pax 235,00-USD

(Half Day)

Inc. guide & transportation


The town we know as "Bodrum" today has been lived in continuously for over three thousand years and has seen invasion and expansion, greatness and obscurity. 

Among its illustrial historical figures are the legendary Mausolus, who gave his name to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

Herodotus, who we call as the "Father of History", was born here. Alexander the Great personally commanded his mighty army against the defenders of the town in his campaign against the Persians.

Halicarnassos, as Bodrum was then called, played a significant role in the interchange of cultural life with the towns of Cnidus, Rhodes, Kos, Miletus, Ephesus and others during the millenia before the birth of Christ. Besides trade, there was a constant exchange of ideas, philosophic thought, scientific developments, theatrical and musical performances.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology in the Castle of Bodrum is unique in Turkey and with its very rich collection of artifacts and shipwrecks of antiquity, attracts so many visitors every year.

This tour will let you explore the two highlights of the town in a half day tour.