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Izmir Shore Excursions

F/D Pergamon Tour

6 pax 360,00-USD

(Full Day)

Inc. guide & transportation


-Would you be interested in seeing the steepest theater of Anatolia?

-What about one of the most important health centers of antiquity? The Asclepion?

-The Acropolis of Pergamon, the upper city sits like an Eagle's Nest on top of the hill and used to house once the second largest library of the ancient world.

-This is where Parchment was developed (it is believed that the word "parchment" evolved from the name of the city, Pergamon). It was used as a substitute for papyrus, when Egyptians banned export of papyrus to Anatolia, considering the Pergamon library with 200.000 volumes as a rival. 

To see all these and appreciate the magnificent culture of Pergamon Kingdom, we invite to travel to Pergamon city (modern Bergama), about 100 km (70 miles) north of Izmir.

Bergama (Pergamum or Pergamon), once a great center of culture, survives as one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites. The acropolis overlooks the modern town of Bergama and houses the remains of the celebrated library, a steep but impressive theater, the Temples of Trajan and Dionysus, the foundation of the altar of Zeus (which is in Berlin now) etc... The Asclepion, located close to the lower city, was a sanctuary dedicated to the God of Health, Asclepios. In town center, we see the Archaeological and Ethnographical Museums of Bergama which are well-worth seeing. There is also a temple dedicated to Serapis, the god of the underground, lower world who was also worshipped in Egypt as Osiris.