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Izmir Shore Excursions

F/D Sardis Tour

6 pax 360,00-USD

(Full Day)

Inc. guide & transportation


The ruins of ancient Sart (Sardis or Sardes) lie on Pactolus River plain. Once the capital city of the Lydian realm of Croesus, it is here that the very first coins of mankind were minted. The Temple of Artemis with its gigantic columns and the restored gymnasium testify to the city's past splendor, as does the synagogue which is notable for its size and location. When we look at its size, it is one of the largest ancient synagogues excavated. Locationwise, it is in the heart of the urban center of the city, not on the periphery as synagogues typically were in that era. This in a way shows us the strength, power and wealth of the Jewish community in the city. The synagogue came into use in the 3rd century AD.

The Temple of Artemis was dedicated to the cult of Artemis that served as the main deity of Sardis and her temple was one of the seven largest Greek temples (more than double the size of the Parthenon). Known as Diana by the Romans, Artemis was born from Leto as the daughter of Zeus and she was also twins with Apollo.

Another impressive building that catches our eye in Sardis is a large complex built in center of the lower city in the 2nd century AD which included a gymnasium and a bathhouseThis complex was over five acres in size and also had a palaestra, a large open courtyard for exercise.